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Inside Out Wellness Connection, Corp. is a full-service company offering learning and development, training, performance improvement, tutoring, and coaching services for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. We partner with you to drive learning and development teams to develop and implement core, full-cycle leadership development curricula and multi-level enterprise-wide training and simulations. We align with your competency models and business initiatives to deliver innovative and cost-effective training via instructional design techniques for Instructor-Led, e-Learning, Web-based, Virtual-Live, Synchronous / Asynchronous, and Blended delivery methods, resulting in improved human performance, process optimization, and success.
With more than 25 years’ experience in the education sector and learning and development, we also offer tutoring packages to those of all ages. Our specialties include mathematics, science, writing, public speaking, and presentations.
Our services, products, and solutions incorporate core health and wellness optimization strategies to maximize work performance and personal wellness from the Inside Out!

We support three interconnected areas of focus for personal and employee development to grow your business:

Mental Conditioning through Coaching and Assessments

Mental Conditioning is vital for longevity, professional gains, and corporate goals. We help you accomplish your mental conditioning goals through Coaching, Psychometric Assessments, and Tutoring.

Internal Balance and Wellness through Vitamins and Supplements

Our product lines are only available through practitioners, and are high quality, pharmaceutical grade, excipient-free (no toxic tag-alongs), and cell-resonant.

External Restorative Health through Skin and Hair Products

We offer optimized skin care products, supplements, and hair restorative laser caps: Neova SmartSkin with DNA Repair Enzymes and Copper Peptides, and Capillus® Laser Cap, indicated by the FDA to promote hair growth in adults with androgenic alopecia / frontal alopecia.



Our clients range from individual clients for personal growth and wellness, to business owners who strive to identify performance and change strategies that support both new initiatives and existing business objectives, while realizing sustainability and growth in a rapidly changing global economy. We provide leadership development and coaching services for a dynamic, engaging, and productive work force, as well as various assessments, such as Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking, Golden Personality Type Profiler, Page Work Behavior Inventory, AAI 360, and Conflict Dynamics Profile.

Coaching Specialties


  • Personal / Business
  • Leadership Development
  • Nursing Leadership Development
  • Team Coaching
  • Career / Transitional Growth
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Work-behavior Assessments

Consulting Services

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  • Learning & Development
  • Simulation & Training Programs
  • Instructional Design
  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Workforce Management / Performance Improvement / Process Optimization



  • Personality
  • Work Behavior
  • Conflict Dynamics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Aptitude

Contract Work


  • Training – Organizational, Technical, Workforce Management
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • Learning & Development
  • Tutoring – Virtual & Live

Clinical Practice Growth

Increase your revenues by selling health and vitality products in your practice. We will take care of the logistics and train your personnel.


At Inside Out Wellness Connection, we believe that wellness begins on the Inside and is inter-related to you as a whole, thus, we provide supplement product lines sold only by practitioners, nutritional supplements that are high quality, excipient-free (no toxic tag-alongs), and cell-resonant, and nutraceutical formulations, and super food concentrates.

Health & Vitality

    • Vitamins
    • Supplements
    • Protein Powders
    • Cleanses

Skin & Hair Support

    • Skin Care Products & Events
    • Capillus Laser Caps for Hair Loss

Pet Products

    • ThorneVet
    • Kennel Master Doggie Chicken Chips, Salmon Snacks, Beefy Bites


Inside Out Wellness
Connection, Corp.

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