Truly a multifaceted leader, Christa brings with her more than 25 years’ experience in Coaching, Consulting, Nursing, Education and Training, Learning and Development, Organizational Development, and Instructional Systems Design, as well as Performance Improvement, Process Optimization, Program Management, and Business Partner Relations. She holds degrees in Nursing, Education, and International Business Administration, along with certifications in Nursing Professional Development (ANCC), Talent Management and Leadership Coaching, and Leadership Assessment Coaching, including Golden Personality Type Profiler, Page Work Behavior Inventory, AAI 360, and Conflict Dynamics Profile.


Christa’s experience spans multilevel talent, including leaders, managers, independent contributors, small business owners, and students of all ages. She successfully crossed various industries, including Education, Wellness, Healthcare, Hospice, Hospitality, and Aerospace / Department of Defense. She has extensive experience in Live, Virtual, Synchronous and Asynchronous training. As an instructional designer, she developed learner-centric training programs, curricula and simulations spanning Leadership Training, Onboarding, Cyber Security, Technical Training, Clinical and Non-Clinical Training, and Time Keeping Systems, to name a few. Additionally, she conducts private tutoring sessions from elementary school age through adulthood, guiding clients across the states.

Her approach to health is holistic, believing wellness is sustained from the Inside Out! She first found this approach to be most successful during her clinical experiences as a registered nurse in the fields of Oncology, Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, and Intensive Care. Later when she worked in the functional medicine arena and coached clients who worked 60-hour weeks with high stress, she found holistic health and coaching was critical to their wellbeing. This resulted in her creation of Inside Out Wellness Connection, Corp., a holistic approach integrating the three core interconnected systems: Internal Balance and Wellness, External Health, and Mental Conditioning through Coaching.

When clients contact Christa for coaching services, they often realize they need to improve their overall wellness through coaching, consulting, and health and wellness products, such as supplements and protein shakes. Her areas of coaching specialty include wellness, leadership development, nurse leadership development, career or transitional growth, psychometric assessments, personality assessments, and work-behavior assessments. When you meet with Christa for coaching services, be it for personal or professional gain, your personal and professional life successes are just steps ahead.

Christa graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Masters’ in Business Administration with Certification in International Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Miami. She began her career as a Middle School and High School teacher, teaching Algebra, Geometry Honors, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. After earning her nursing degree and working as a registered nurse, she decided to combine her love of teaching and medicine, and founded an Education Department for a hospital, where she provided education and training to meet license and regulatory requirements for physicians, nursing, cardiopulmonary, laboratory, respiratory, and radiology as the main contributor to JCAHO Accreditation with Commendation. She continued as a leader in learning and development across various industries, for enterprise-wide training for multilevel talent and leaders, nationally and globally. Lastly, her creative side and soft skills expertise afforded her the opportunity to lead a healthcare Marketing Department. This was the birth of her developing a talent for career change and transitional career opportunities, which she has continued to demonstrate across many industries.


Inside Out Wellness
Connection, Corp.

Orlando, FL


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