Attain extraordinary results personally and professionally through our:

  • Business and Personal Coaching packages to meet your individual or organizational goals, through optimization of attitudes, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and creating learning development plans, to impact your life and your organization’s results.

  • Leadership and Psychometric Assessment packages to increase productivity, navigate more challenging and successful paths, accelerate mental conditioning, and maximize achievements.

  • Health and Vitality Supplements to meet your needs. Products are high quality and free from unwanted tag-alongs.
    Hair Restoration methods, including Capillus® Laser Caps, Vitamins, and Tricomin Clinical hair products

  • Virtual and Live Tutoring packages for Adults and Grades 1 - 12.



  • Learning & Development

  • Education & Training

  • Facilitation Techniques

  • Human Performance Improvement

  • Process Optimization


  • Instructional Systems Design

  • Learning & Development

  • Tutoring – Virtual & Live - Math, Science, TestPrep, Nursing

  • Clinical Practice Growth - Increase your revenues by selling health and vitality products in your practice. We will take care of the logistics and train your personnel.


Personal / Individual Coaching

Look, Feel, & Act the part
Enhance your presence and leadership charisma! Perfect the image you want to portray! Be more confident in your presentation! Identify your assets, clarify your goals, and create an accountable, personal development plan to guide you through excellence. Maximize personal potential and performance!

Leadership Coaching

Maximize emotional impact, transform, engage, and inspire for results
Improve communication channels and demonstrate effective communication styles, both verbal and nonverbal. Adopt the art of reflection to gain personal perspectives on where you are and why, you’re your next steps. Create a development plan addressing focal areas. Master leadership essentials, such as conflict dynamics, team building, strategic thinking, critical thinking, change management, program management, stress reduction, personal wellness, and explore your challenges through the evaluation of formal assessments and informal feedback.

Nursing Leadership Development

Define Leadership in Healthcare
Build your Center of Excellence through dynamic, passionate, motivational influence that employs sound critical thinking practices, solution-focused rapport, and effective communication, while fostering emotional intelligence, empowerment, accountability, and standards of care.

Practitioners with expert clinical skills and efficient management skills in the healthcare industry bear a heavy burden as leaders. They must maintain their expert clinical skills, perfect their dynamic clinical leadership skills, and build supportive clinical environments that are essential in the development and achievement of best practice models. As a Nurse Leader, develop your compassionate, transformational leadership skills, build on your mentoring and clinical supervision skills, build effective and caring teams, and adopt succession planning and career ladder strategies to achieve the highest level of quality care and become a Center of Excellence!

Team Coaching

Improve performance, reduce conflict, and lead to success
Foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and implement strategies to account for individual preferences, behaviors, needs, and work styles to build and maintain a healthy and productive team to take you and your company to the next level. Assess the age and readiness of the team, as well as individual skillsets, knowledge, and attitudes. Focus on communication and collaboration, as well as recognition and rewards.

Career / Transition Coaching

Build a healthy and productive team
Identify your assets! Identify your skills, knowledge, attitude, experience, preferences, and desires, so that you may evaluate your transferable skills and areas for improvement in order to gain a competitive edge as you leap forward into another industry and/or job.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Be the Best You… Restore, Revitalize, Rejuvenate, and Reap Rewards
Optimize your health through techniques, practices, and nutritional supplements. A healthy mind-body connection leads to success and happiness. Promote a healthy and healthful lifestyle, which may lead to increased body mass, decreased body fat, and decreased illness, aches, and pains.

Identify stressors through a Stress-ID assessment, and ascertain the right path to wellness and the best vitamins, supplements, and shakes to alleviate the harmful effects of stress. Practice relaxation techniques and engage in exercise that’s right for you. It’s all here at Inside Out Wellness Connection, Corp.!

We offer a variety of fitness and protein shakes, detox shakes, medical foods, vitamins, and supplements to meet your needs, through eight different companies. You may select from a variety of pure, high quality, excipient-free (free of tag-alongs), nutraceutical-type products and receive specials as a reward for choosing us!

Assessment / Pyschometric Coaching
  • Golden Personality Type Profiler
  • AAI 360
  • Page Work Behavior Inventory
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Skills
  • Aptitude / Ability Tests


We know that your inner health is vital to your success and performance, so with any package of 10 Coaching Sessions, you will receive:

  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation to discuss your concerns, goals, and introduce you to your coach

  • $50 U. S. toward vitamin / supplement product we offer.

  • 20% Discount on total purchase of all Recurring Orders.


Inside Out Wellness
Connection, Corp.

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