“I communicate better with management and now have much better performance appraisals!”

"Inside Out Wellness Connection provided me with Personality and Critical Thinking Assessments, to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses, so that I could improve my business relations and learn to think through assessing situations, recognizing and evaluating assumptions, drawing conclusions and then taking action. I have been consciously implementing these principles in my everyday work and life, and have found that my decision-making process has improved significantly. Through the principles and processes learned, I am communicating better with management, assessing situations more accurately, and have received more successful performance evaluations. This means that I am also now a more successful contributor to my company, which makes me more desirable and marketable."

-Ms. Trev

“I wasn’t going to change my style of communication at work,…not at my age,…but I did, and I have successes to celebrate!”

"Ahhh, Inside Out Wellness Connection and Christa worked with me on assessments and a Personal Development Plan so that I could take my career to the next level. I always felt I communicated just fine and certainly well enough to provide accurate information, analyses, and recommendations to my team lead and management. I also felt I did not need to change my way of communicating to get ahead; afterall, I don't play into politics! Well, Christa helped me see the light and pave the way to a better and more successful way!"

"During my coaching sessions, we looked at my Leadership Coachability Index, my Career Satisfaction Scale, my Life Management Scale, my Personal Career Goals, Motivation, and Personal Values. I completed a Work Behavior Assessment and learned so much about myself and why things were not to my liking at work, and we developed a personal Leadership Development Action Plan with 3 main goals I had to address. At first I wasn't sure about all this coaching stuff, but I learned a lot about myself and made changes for the better! My communication style really did have room for improvement and I needed to do this to be more successful at work and happier with myself both mentally and financially---I got the maximum merit increase and several awards. This all took a little time, but Christa was able to assist me through all this!"



"WOW! I love the Dual Matrix with Retinol and the Refining Eye Lift."

"What a difference in my skin color and texture since I've been using them, and no extreme dryness from the retinol."


“What an elegant facial peel event for my family and friends, with complementary champagne and hors d’oeuvres; it was just marvelous and we had great results with the peel!”

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a facial peel and the NEOVA products through a lovely event in November, 2014. At the event, I learned that the NEOVA products have a remarkable and award-winning formula with DNA and Copper Peptides, which repair and protect the skin. I purchased a few products that were recommended to fade my brown spots, minimize fine lines, and help stimulate collagen. I am so thankful for meeting Christa at Inside Out Wellness Connection; her team was so nice and professional. I look and feel more youthful."

-Lil V.

“I love, I love, I love the glycolic peel products Christa recommended. My skin looks more youthful!”

"Thank you Christa, for giving me a more youthful appearance. The Glycolic Peel-Off Mask, Glycolic Exfoliator, and DNA Repair Creams have actually lightened my dark spots I got from the sun. Also, I really like the DNA Damage Control Active Sunblock; I get sun protection and can use it in place of make-up base! I look and feel so much better!"

-Tam D.

“I look great! I lost weight and have kept it off! I feel great too!”

"Christa, you did real good! Through your supplements, I am healthier and lost weight! I was buying products that were 3 and 4 times the cost of yours, and saw no results. I admit I was skeptical in the beginning, but you were right; the products are good for me and I'm so happy I tried them. I have a little more weight to lose and then maintenance through your amino acids, protein shakes, and medical foods for diabetics. Oh, and thank you for always being there to answer questions."

-Scott (Red)


Inside Out Wellness
Connection, Corp.

Orlando, FL